The first phase of the Erdenet Mining Corporation having the ore processing capacity of 4 million tons per year was put into operation, and the first concentrate was shipped.


The second phase of the plant with a capacity of ore mining and processing of 8 million tons per year was commissioned.


The fourth stage of the plant has been commissioned and has the capacity to mine and process 16 million tons of ore per year.


The fifth stage of Mineral Processing Plant has been commissioned, increasing ore mining and processing capacity to 20 million tons per year. Since the commissioning of Mineral Processing Plant, 1 million tons of copper concentrate has been produced.


A new development concept for EMC (1994-2004) was approved, and the commissioning of the Explosives Plant stopped importing such ancillary products from abroad.


A complete technical upgrade in Section VI of Mineral Processing Plant was completed, and a new SBSH-250 MNA drilling rig was launched at Open-pit mine.


The Government of Mongolia discussed the new development concept (1994-2004) being implemented at EMC and issued Government Resolution No. 05 to complete the technical modernization of the mine. Catterpillar dump trucks with a capacity of 136 tons and BelAZ-7512 dump trucks with a capacity of 120 tons were introduced into production. Started importing power energy from Russia.


A new brand of EKG-10 excavator has been introduced at Open-pit mine, and since its commissioning, the plant had produced 2 million tons of copper concentrate.


A decision has been made to privatize the apartments of employees who had worked at EMC for more than 15 years free of charge. Subsequently, the 31st Board Session decided to apply such decision to all EMC employees. In addition, a collective flotation section with a capacity to process 24 million tons of ore per year had been commissioned.


With the completion of the technical upgrade in the first combined section, the section has a processing capacity of 10 million tons of ore.


A BelAZ-75145 dump truck with a capacity of 130 tons launches at Auto Transportation Facility.


Liebherr 18-cubic-meter bucket excavator is being used at Open-pit mine. Since its commissioning, the plant has produced 3 million tons of copper concentrate.


The complete renovation of the fifth stage of Mineral Processing Plant will increase the project's capacity by 50 percent and allow it to process 6 million tons of ore.


For the first time in Mongolia, an EKG-15 crawler excavator capable of loading 15 m3 of ore was commissioned. A meeting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the commissioning of the first phase of EMC  was held on December 13, 2008.


A completely renovated 3rd section with a capacity of 6 million tons of ore per year was commissioned.


Flotation section 4 of Mineral Processing Plant was renovated and put into operation.


Ore processing reached 26.0 million tons.


Flotation section 6 of Mineral Processing Plant was renovated and commissioned.


For the first time in its history, EMC has blasted 640 borholes.


Expansion of the Autogenious Grinding Section at Mineral Processing Plant was commissioned.


“Erdenet Mining Corporation” LLC has become a 100% national enterprise of Mongolia.


Expanded with 48 MW turbine generator at EMC’s Thermal Power Plant and became a power producer.


The factual contribution of the creative team at EMC to the development of Mongolia was highly appreciated, and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the company, the President of Mongolia awarded ORDER of D.SUKHBAATAR. Thus, EMC is appeared that was awarded with two orders.


Copper metal recovery reached 89.3 percent, 37.2 million tons of ore was mined and 32.2 million tons of ore was processed, which is the highest indicators in the history of EMC, and for the first time the state and local budgets received 961.8 billion MNT.


Contributing one trillion MNT to the local budget is the most revenue-generating achievement in the history of EMC.


By the decree of the President of Mongolia, EMC was awarded the title of “National Enterprise the Hero”.